Interesting links


  • Are you bored at work today?  Try this:
  • If you follow the links on - you'll find the Chris Farley TV Dance.  Complete with butt crack view!  Enjoy!
  • My pal Ave sent this one.  It's cool!  It's a night time view of the world as seen from the space station.  Most cool!
  • Rocket Guy.  The only surprise here is someone thought of it before my dad!  What should a guy who's had every other hobby in the world do next?  Simple.  He should build his own life sized rocket...  


  • ;   A cool guy; also a good friend.  Very clever site.

  • Robert Welborn   Another cool guy and friend.  Whose site is cooler?  Joseph and Robert are still trying to settle that one!

  • Robert And Loralee's wedding site (full of cheesy Robert humor!


  • Ethan Nilsen   My favorite nephew!  (OK, he's my only nephew.  :-)

  • Achard-US   My sister Melanie's site.! 

  • My folks    Their home page.  Sign their guest book and see if you can't shame Dad into updating it!  There are also some nice pictures of their new house.